Opiniones y criticas. Opinions and reviews


" Friends, clients, experts, amateurs, decorators, applause and more..."




Maryvonne and Sam MacQuade - Bismarck ND



"We were incredibly impressed by the painting and really enjoyed the experience of working with Carmen . She is charming and delightful to work with.


Judy and Dave Faulkner – Vancouver BC


"... Today she is one of the most successful artists in México. She literally has difficulty filling orders for her distinctive, wide-ranging work.


Galleries in México and the United States are pleading for enough canvases to exhibit retrospectives of her art…but her work sells faster than she can paint them"


Mike Latta - Mazatlan Messenger





Familia Llamas - Mazatlan SL


""El Cayito" Urquijo fue un hombre bueno no sólo con sus semejantes, prueba de ello es que no ocupó pedigrí político ni banderías para erigirse como ecologista nato. Su amor por la naturaleza lo llevó a convertirse en cazador de imágenes con las que expresaba esa pasión y con las que intentaba inocular el amor hacia la naturaleza en los demás." 



Ricardo "Cayito" Urquijo Beltran - Mazatlan SL

"Carmen, you could paint a Rubens if I asked you. You are the best! "


Brian Murray - Denver CO


 "Carmen Estrada, a Fine Arts graduate of the University of Guadalajara began painting professionally in Cabo with immediate success. A move to her native Mazatlan, also the home town of Antonio Lopez Saenz, Mexico's greatest living artist. There her professional reputation continues to grow. It is only a matter of time before her fame becomes world wide"


Luis Angel Gomez - Gloss, Noroeste